Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rhys would have smiled at the thought of Z-Cars being played at Anfield

From the BBC :

"It was an emotional night at Anfield, with the Reds paying their own tribute to murdered 11-year-old Everton fan Rhys Jones before kick-off.

The Toffees' theme of Z-Cars was played and the crowd applauded as Rhys's parents stood on the touchline in their Everton shirts."

whenskiesaregrey.com - Story

"Tonight, Liverpool Football Club chooses to honour him by playing Z Cars before their game. Now, I'm under no illusions that this will affect some mass long term change in attitudes between the clubs - I'd be amazed if it lasts to the weekend because people in general aren't that pleasant, memories are short and perspectives are drawn up and redefined on a daily basis.

However, it is a noble gesture from a club we've been quick to condemn for its own attention-seeking antics over the years. It might only be a small token, but what gesture isn't in the wake of a child losing his life in such circumstances?

Liverpool didn't have to do this, they chose to. For this they should have our respect, no matter for how short a term you choose to give it to them. I'm not advocating that we all hold hands, singing along together forever as one united city of two great clubs, but the events of the last few days have made football seem very, very small in comparison."

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