Thursday, August 16, 2007

Football madness

Top of the league/bottom of the league

Everton's impressive start to the season has been heartening and our status as top of the league has given us a few chuckles but it is patently ludicrous printing the league table after less than 3 games. What's even more ludicrous is talk of crisis and managers under pressure at this stage as well. The media seem to be talking up the pressure on Martin Jol and Sammy Lee for their two defeats. It's just crazy-bonkers (copyright 1995 Daniel Amokachi) it really is. Radio reports and phone-ins seem to have Utd fans conceding the league already.

Notice the Kieron Dyer eventually went to Newcatle for the original asking price...wonder if Big Sam eventually found the *ahem* paperwork to be in order.

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