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"No plan B?"

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It seems that some Evertonians have been working flat out to prepare a Plan B. Impressive work. No bluster, no promises, no pie-in-the-sky....just a breakdown of what could be done if the will was there. Who knows what the best option is for Everton;s future. One thing is certain the KEIOC people can be proud of themselves...Even if us No voters (for I just don't see the long term benefits of a move in this climate) are totally wrong at least, because of them, people were allowed to have the debate.

Ultimately that's all people are asking for. The club has just wheeled out the likes of Tom Cannon to do a Private Frasier impression then put some flashy JPGS onto the website and vaguely assured us how rosy the future will be if we mve to Kirkby. It's not enough information to make the decision with.

Perhaps this will force the club to come back to us with the info we need....even if Tom Hughes' plans achieve nothing else it's done enough.

Hats off.

Laura, a bluenose I know from MySpace popped along and had a's her response :

Okay, so here's the thing, there has been a lot of propoganda from old Wyness and emotive language used like, "deal of the centuary" but my overiding feeling about the whole thing is this:

KEIOC are working their backsides off to find a plan B. Everton have catagorically stated there is no plan B. Then Mr Ian Ross says in an interview that if the vote is a no we will look at redeveloping Goodison, is that not a plan B? Then Wyness says the vote is just an opinion poll and won't affect the decision. Huh? Ian Ross just said it would. Do the Everton board know their arses from their elbows? Why are they contradicting each other and why haven't they given us reasons behind their decisions?

When there are councillors and architects and companies telling us there are other options why are Everton putting up a brick wall and not talking to us?

I don't have anything against Kirkby, I consider Alan Stubbs a scouser but I'm not in favour of a move to the long lane or speke site's either because it away from our home, the place where we belong and the place that has all our history.

Naturally I'm in favour of redeveloping Goodison, it is a club of history and tradition which we would loose by moving. As a plan B, I think the Bestaways site could work. It is actually closer to the roundhouse than where we are now and so we are still within the area of our birth. It's a similar deal to the Kirkby site without tesco's involvement but I think that it would be better to go into debt and have a city based stadium than have a small town based stadium.

I don't see how any Evertonian can possible vote to move to Kirkby without all the information. It would be a knee jerk reaction to the propaganda that has come out of Goodison. Don't get me wrong KEIOC are very good at propaganda too, but they are backing up their arguements and giving the information to the fans in an understandable way. Let's get Everton doing the same. Where is their open day for us to go and look at the plans, see the business plan, see the commitment from Tesco, speak to someone who can answer all these questions. How can anyone vote to leave our beloved Goodison without having all the facts. If Kirkby is really the only viable option then why don't Everton explain it to us in fact based terms instead of just publishing fancy pictures of the new ground? Which seemingly is a pie in the sky ambition anyway when there are developers, builders, qs's telling us there is no way Everton can build that for £100m. When you consider that Liverpool's ground is set to cost £280m and Arsenals was £350 it is not hard to see that the £100m price tag is unrealistic.

If you vote yes there is NO GOING BACK, there is no stopping the corporate machine but if you vote no then there is. It will force Everton to look into the other options and publish the results, it may take a year and it may be agreed that actually Kirkby is the only viable solution but wouldn't you feel happier knowing that the club has been transparent about everything and exhausted every possible solution? They say they have but where's the proof?

I live in Halewood and if there was a proposed move here I wouldn't support it, I'd fly to the fuckin moon to watch the blues so having it closer to me makes no odds, I'd rather go and watch them play where dixie once played, where the holy trinity played, where Duncan scored THAT goal against the Mancs and where I danced around singing du du du du andy johnson when he scored the third against the gobshites.

I believe in Everton, I believe in the city, I believe in tradition and I believe in the fans.

Don't turn your back on Goodison Park; vote NO to Kirkby.

Laura - a very worried Evertonian x x x

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