Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dummy out of pram?

Cohen walks out after Saints snub

"England World Cup winner Ben Cohen has walked out on Northampton after being overlooked for the club captaincy.

The 28-year-old winger has not attended training since losing out to Bruce Reihana for the role last Wednesday."

Snub or not Saints really need to bounce back after last season. They do NOT need one of their best players doing that, strikes me as a very 'overpaid Premier League footballer' thing to do...can't help but think he's going to turn up at the Guinness Premiership club of his choice very soon.

Rich cannot get richer without help from friends - Times Online

Martin Samuel, an excellent sports journalist, has highlighted this ominous rumbling from across the park. I can't see the turkeys (Ie the rest of the league) ever voting for christmas on this one but we need to be careful on this one. The G14 will push and probe on this one. Beware the thin end of the wedge.

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