Thursday, October 30, 2008

Let's just forget about this Russel Brand, Jonathon Ross, Andrew Sachs, Georgina Baillie controversy.

So judging by the dizzying amount of web traffic we are seeing here at GarstonTowers shows just how interested people are in this Russel Brand, Jonathon Ross, Andrew Sachs, Georgina Baillie controversy.

It does open up a lot of debates, most of them needless. Let's boil it down. So far two comedians did massively distasteful prank, the BBC production crew didn't bin fact they actually bent the rules to ensure it went out, 2 people complained. A week or so later there's been tens of thousands of complaints, the BBC has lost one of it's most talented comedians and some trollope low-grade stripogram who happens to have a famous grand-father will make a mint (mainly from the same newspapers who are currently feigning moral outrage).

I just don't understand why people are trying to open these wider debates. It doesn't highlight the fact that the BBC is out of control, it doesn't highlight the decline of comedy standards, it doesn't highlight a general decline in society and it doesn't highlight hypocrisy in people's moral double standards. I think if you boil it all down 90% of this 'outrage' is down to people having an axe to grind against the BBC.

I think ultimately Brand has done the right thing, Ross should possibly do the same (How about ensuring the OFCOM fine comes out of your salary rather than the programming budget Jonathon). The BBC staffers will probably lose their jobs and possibly that's right too. At the core of this is a pretty nasty little stunt. I think it does highlight weird nature of the BBC. It is tasked with providing great quality programming and beloved special interest programming PLUS cutting edge music & comedy. When you think of it like that surely messes like this are going to happen every now and then.

The worry is that the whole thing got broadcast...the people at the BBC should always keep their responsibilities in mind, coming on the back of the phone vote scandals you hope that there isn't a culture of carte blanche operating in some areas of the corporation.

Let's ont lose sight of one thing. The BBC is absolutely brilliant and we are massively lucky to have it. Let's just draw a line under the episode, put the tabloid & Daily Mail lead hysteria to bed and let Georgina Baillie get back to the obscurity of her sleazy Satanic Sluts Extreme strip show.

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