Friday, October 03, 2008

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Gutted, Gutted, Gutted, Gutted!

Surpirise how absolutely gutted I am after last night. I've took it all on the chin over the past few weeks but going out last night has totally deflated me.

Over and over again I look at that draw and it still annoys me. How, after our, fantastic exploits last year (Lets not forget we beat all conquering Zenit St Petersberg last season) did we draw them when every other English team, teams that got in via the fair play league and the intertoto cup, get Wisla Plebeless or FC Shitforbrains. That's the thing that really, really guts you.

Ultimately Everton didn't do enough. The 2 away goals meant Liege could just sit behind the ball, the ref should have sent off one of their players and the penalty was ever so slightly harsh but there's no point moaning about it now. The blues played well enough but there was probably only ever going to be one winner. And that's that. With Villa looking good and City poised to splash the cash in January a return further European fun looks a long way off from hear. Next up Newcastle, you can see how that script pans out already.

I think the club need to sort out the Moyes new contract...that would provide a bit of a lift at least.


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