Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hat's off to Stade Francais

If you asked me I'd probably say I was a Biaritz fan when it comes to French rugby....after FC Lourdais of course.

There is, however, something wonderful about Stade Francais. Those pink shirts / maillot rose were pretty outrageous when they first came out but they are tame compared to what followed.

Stade Francais Pink Shirt

Stade Francais Floral Shirt

Stade Francais Beige Shirt

Stade Francais Fleur de Lis Shirt

Stade Francais psychedelic Shirt

Stade Francais Notre Dame Shirt

Just with I had the spuds to wear one.


Ceci said...

Bluw with the big pink flowers m'boy - that's you that is!

Anonymous said...

I really need the browny one with pink flowers for xmas present can someome help me??

Anonymous said...

Real men wear pink!

Go ahead and buy one!

Anonymous said...

Excellent fun! /Fredrik

Anonymous said...

Stade francais jersey is so gorgeous, isn't it?Really love it.I have several in my collections....