Thursday, October 30, 2008

Everton keep a clean sheet!

Everton keep a clean sheet!!!!!!

Fantastic! massively happy that. Good old Fellaini and his magic afro* and a great cross from Steven Pienaar. To be honest the clean sheet is more important than the win at this stage but 3 points is certainly welcome with Spurs and Newcastle turning things round.

Amazing result from the Emirates last night. Crazy...I'm not a great Spurs fan and you've got to admire Wenger's Arsenal but it was great to see that fan jump into the team embrace after the equaliser. It has to be said, however, that as far as most of the Tottenham fans were concerned the game finished 4-2. There was so many people who'd left before the end. Tut tut tut. Hope they are feeling utterly bereft this morning.

(*copyright Kirsty McHale 2008)

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