Friday, October 10, 2008

Where've you bean?

Some general internet stuff today (you notice I am avoiding all mention of sport).

I found this on the superb GoogleSightSeeing blog.

Get a birds eye view here : Google Sightseeing Maps

Earlier I noticed this Great Schlep thing on the BBC website. Sarah Silverman has done a promotional video which I can't decide if it's brilliantly subtle or ham fistedly rubbish. I can never decide whether Ms Silverman is funny or not.

Very interesting scheme though, we all remember how important Florida was 8 years ago.

The American election is great news viewing at the moment. Some of the stuff you watch from over there is so pathetically puerile whilst other stuff like the Tina Fey Sarah Palin skit was pure political genius.

In other new I noticed that Thing and Stuff is actually a Google Whack....providing you are searching for Harumble Quirkafleeg

Post script. I've been informed that it's not a GoogleWhack unless both words are in the dictionary. I think I should be allowed them because if you listen to Radio 4 or played Jet Set Willy as a kids they are perfectly cromulent words.

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