Monday, November 06, 2006

Spanking season

icLiverpool - Waterloo 15, Leeds Tykes 77

Ugh...that was a hell of a beating whatever way you look at it. Painful to watch. Leeds looked every bit the Premiership refugees and Waterloo, it has to be said, looked shell-shocked. It isn't to shameful when you consider the gulf between the two teams...last year Leeds were playing in the Premiership and the Heineken Cup whilst Waterloo were in National Division 2. The RFU give them 1.5 million pound a year whilst 'loo get 180k.

Twelve tries to three made pretty grim watching though. The only bright point was some pretty funny barracking coming from a South African gentleman on my left (Sean Ruwers uncle I think)...get that man a season ticket.

In other games Waterloo have done most of the game almost right...but got punished for almost everything. This week was something completely new. In a way the England game the next day was very similar to watching 'loo most weeks. Corry's team did so much of their work well but coming up just a fraction short means you end up a mile off really challengeing. The new boys Allen, Sanderson and Sackey all looked good, there is grounds for optimism but when it comes to a team like the All Blacks they just looked second best. It is worth having a moan about the ridiculous descision to deny Noon his first try...England always seem to get screwed by the officials regardless of whether it's the Celts and Gallic chappies or the southern hemisphere. It's getting a bit stupid now.

England team watch the Haka

BBC Match report

Switching over to footy Everton's luck ran out at Fulham. We took them apart in the first half but couldn't make the breakthrough. They got booed off but in the second half they, by the sounds of it, were the better side and nicked a flukey deflected goal. Further ignamony was to come when some knobhead calling him/herself an Evertonian threw a coin at Jenson which will result in an FA enquiry.

BBC Match report

Andy Johnson at Fulham

By the looks of things the blues still played well although they didn't really press enough at the end...this might have been due to half the squad suffering from a virus but still more points lost.

All in all the only team to raise a smile were Peterborough...they won 4-2 after their new celebrity fans luvvied it up on Soccer AM! Notice our mate Andy next to Ms Chamberlain. Hats off Millsy, full marks....apart from the shorts.

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