Friday, November 03, 2006

Roeder bemoans fixture 'madness'

BBC SPORT | Roeder bemoans fixture 'madness'

"Glenn Roeder has hit out at a fixture list which has left his Newcastle side facing three matches in six days.

The Magpies meet Sheffield United on Saturday, two days after facing Palermo in the Uefa Cup, then travel to Watford on Tuesday for a Carling Cup tie.

'It's utter madness,' said Roeder. 'To expect players to recover in less than 48 hours is ridiculous.'"

Fair point Glenn (he also says later in the article : "I wouldn't have it any other way".) but it has to be said that when a club fights tooth and nail to get into a European competition they can't really complain when the fixtures mount up.

No-one forced Newcastle into the Intertoto cup and therefore the UEFA...they knew the number of games it'd mean and they knew the size of their squad and no-one forced them to play on Saturday evening...Clubs in the UEFA cup can always switch their game to Sunday but that would have meant them losing their Sky money.

The board their are only interested in the money, the teams form is only a concern in terms of the cash it can bring in. Now I know everyone's board is the same but it feel like this is Newcastle tring to distract the fans from the fact that this is a problem completely of their own making.

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