Friday, November 10, 2006

General stuff

Heard about this site whilst listening to Banter on BBC Radio 4 :

Gossip...What people were overheard saying on the London Underground

England got off to a properly ropey start to the Ashes defense...we took a trouncing by a Prime-Minister's XI. Hope things can pick up else it'll be a humilatingly tame handback of the little urn.

BBC SPORT | Dismal England thrashed in opener

A lot of news about Britney Spears filing for divorce...big f#cking deal (pardon the language). Wouldn't it be more news-worthy when celebrities don't get divorced. "Today in the news some famous people reached their 5th wedding anniversary and a bear left the forest in order to defecate".

You could also say the same of poor Jonny Wilkinson being injured. This time he's got a lacerated kidney.

BBC SPORT | Wilkinson faces three months out

Get well soon Jonny...we all remember this :

World cup glory

Here's an interesting one...I suppose it's one of those "It's cause you don't have to wear a poppy that you should wear one".

BBC NEWS | TV's Snow rejects 'poppy fascism'

Personally I can sort of see that he could be making the point that if people are told to wear them that the gesture is completely empty. I'd still be wary of causing any hurt to veterans who sacrificed so much for our freedoms though.

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