Tuesday, October 17, 2006

TV Links

TV Links

Good place to catch up with any My Name is Earl episodes you may have missed.

Still doing the decorating...grim, grim, grim. Still after we'd called it a day we had a nice bottle of Brooklyn lager. Can definitely recomend....full flavoured and hoppy although not at all lagery. Over the weekend we had Cains Lager...which I've already extolled at length on here and some Magners Irish cider just to see what all the fuss was about. It gets a thumbs up. It's not a dry cider but certainly not a sweet teenagers in the park type affair. I'd certainly go for it on a hot day.

The Brooklyn Lager was part of my abortive scheme to have a beer for each and every one of the Everton first team. I put it on hold until I could get my hands on some Nigerian beer and some Tooheys New. The full list read thus :

Howard - Brooklyn Lager
Wright - Greene King
Hibbert - Cains
Lescott - Banks
Yobo - Star (from website)
Stubbs - Cains
Weir - McEwans
Valente - Super Bock
Arteta - San Miguel
Naysmith - McEwans
Neville - Boddingtons
Carsley - Guinness or Magners
Cahill - Tooheys
Osman - Cains
Van der Meyde - Heineken
Davies - Brains
Beattie - Lancaster Bomber
Anichebe - Star
Johnson - Bombardier
McFadden - McEwans

I suppose the rednoses I know can just get a full crate of San Miguel.

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