Monday, October 16, 2006

Another weekend of sporting disappointment

Middlesbrough 2-1 Everton

Another pooey weekend of sport for me...I think I am jinx. A few weeks ago I could do nothing wrong and now every team I support seems to be lurching from disaster to disaster. I put this down solely to me losing my lucky hat. I have no idea where it could be so I assume I've left it on a train or something.

Everton lost their unbeaten record up at Middlesboro. Sounds like we can't really have any complaints. Cahill chipped in with a goal and we pressed for an equaliser (during 8 minutes of stoppage time due to a mobile phone being hurled onto the pitch).

The cricketers were playing one-day cricket and therefore were getting beat.

We now have to beat Australia and the Windies to stay in the tournament.

Waterloo took there usual hammering...apparently Waterloo held their own. They scored as many tries as the opposition but their kicker kept them well clear. Most of these games 'loo seem to come away with positives but they seem to have a period in every game where they concede a tonne of tries and the game is out of sight. They do need to start picking up points otherwise it'll be all over for them :
p w d l pts
10th London Welsh 7 3 0 4 13
11th Coventry 7 2 1 4 13
12th Newbury 7 3 0 4 12
13th Nottingham 7 1 0 6 9
14th Moseley 7 1 0 6 9
15th Waterloo 7 1 0 6 5
16th Sedgley Park 7 0 0 7 2

I also fancied Northampton beating Leicester purely due to Grayson being an ex-Waterloo player. Saints lost by two tries to nil. Goode kicked everything in the same way Simon Binns kicked everything for Otley.

Anyway the two teams I forot about Peterboro and St Louis did okay over the weekend so all wasn't lost.

Unusually for me and Anne we went to a gig at the weekend, our friend Paul designated Amsterdam's gig at the Carling Academy as his official birthday do. Had a good old time apart from the fact that all of Amsterdam's fanbase seemed to be at least 6'2. Ludicrous!

Sunday was spent decorating our front room...I now have someting in common with the Queen 'cause aparently her entire world smells of paint too. I hate decorating but we've put it off for over a year now and it really needed doing.

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