Thursday, October 12, 2006

Croatia 2-0 England, Ukraine 2-0 Scotland. Poo!

Croatia 2-0 England

You could argue that the ball taking a freakish bounce over Robinson's foot is fairly useful in England's media response to the 2-0 defeat. It is what people will focus on first when they should be focusing on the fact that Croatia, as far as I could see, took them to the cleaners. Coming after Macedonia a performance like this was unnacceptable. Croatia have never lost a competitive game at home so it was always going to be tough but there was no spirit and certainly no brain involved in last night's performance. Ironically Robinson was a strong man-of-the-match candidate, he made at least 3 great saves. You have to wonder about these lack-lustre performances? They make the right noises about pride etc etc but how much does playing for England mean to them? Is it one big jolly for them? They seem to have trouble turning it on at kick-off time.

The Scots didn't fair much better in Ukraine...They were outclassed but at least showed character and spirit. They really should have been level, Kenny Millar made a superb run and missed a header from a perfect cross...sad really. The ref didn't do them any favours but it would have been nicking a point rather than deserving an equal share.

Nice to see Killa grab a goal for the Republic :

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