Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Reality gap!

Comedy delusion from a rednoses forum:

"'The criticism of Benitez's signings is also poor judgement. Benitez has worked within a tight budget since he arrived at Anfield and has missed out on top targets such as the likes of Luis Figo, Simao and Daniel Alves because of this. Yet he has still managed to land top players like Xabi Alonso, Daniel Agger, Momo Sissoko and Dirk Kuyt without having the riches of other clubs at his disposal.'"

They actually believe that liverpool aren't amongst the Premiership's big spenders. I assume in their minds Stevie Gerrard plays for nothing and the likes of Kuyt, Cisse and Alonso just turned up begging to be allowed to play.

It's really quite sweet! I wonder if they have images of Benitez chasing players for their subs money and the new boy washing the kits. They genuinely seem to believe that they are plucky minnows taking on the cynical might of United and Chelsea.

You judge

Then again if you look at the what happened to one of their directors when he had a audacity to criticise the manager maybe the nonsense the Echo et al write is a bit more understandable :

Stalinist purge?

Anyway here's Stuey's song of the day. Modern Girl by Sleater-Kinney


Anonymous said...

I think they believe that quite genuinely is the case! I'm sure Liverpool have spent substantially more on transfers that Arsenal over the last 5 years and yet they're a shadow of Wenger's men.

stalin's gran said...

Thanks for the comment, comrade. I will keep reading you and I hope you keep reading me.