Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Celebrity cults

Sweet Jesus....as if it wasn't enough 20 year old footballers having books out :

Amazon.co.uk: Living the Dream: My Story: Books: Chantelle Houghton

This country's obsession with the cult of celebrity makes me want to emigrate. It's truly, truly pathetic when bimbo no-marks like her have people slavering all over them to read their 'story'. It's truly an embarrassment. From soft girl up there padding out "I am a vapid, blonde Paris-Hilton-a-like who fancies herself" and Jade Goody's "I am thick as pig-excrement" through Kerry Whats-her-name and Jordan gurning at me from newsagent shelves right up to the omnipresent but omni-not-doing-anything-of-note Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Sadie Frost.

A load of utterly average, utterly fatuous famous-for-being-famous egomaniacs who for some reason people are obsessed with. There is part of me that says "Good luck" to these people...if morons are going to hang on your every word and deed then who not cash in but for God sake...what are you people famous for. I mean the fact that Chantelle used to work as a Paris Hilton impersonator is, for me, the ultimate statement. The most pointless air-headed spoilt-little-rich-girl has an impersonator...so that other people can book the wannabe no-mark-a-like to come to there parties and flounce round allowing the party throwers and all their stupid little friends pretend to know Paris Hilton...who is famous for going to parties....and being thick.

I despair....but then again I am obsessed with living vicariously through sporting teams so different strokes for different folks.

At the other end of the I'm-blonde-so-I-have-a-right-to-be-famous scale is this :

Sheffield girl group Twin launch a foul mouthed tirade at stadium full of people.

Updates on the Madonna baby story...it seems that Malawian human rights groups have raised objections to her adopting a kid without the usual checks. Before the objections could formally lodged, and for reasons other than Madonna's vast wealth and fame, the child was issued with a passport and allowed to leave the country. Maternal Madonna immediately dispatched a staff member to Africa to retrieve the little urchin.

Now the upshot off all this is one child raised out of poverty and others helped by her donations but it does basically mean that if you have enough cash a child is for sale and the normal procedure don't apply.

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