Wednesday, October 04, 2006


BBC SPORT | RFU considers ending relegation

"'Promotion and relegation has always been an article of faith on our side,' said RFU chief executive Francis Baron.

'But we are prepared to look at that again.'"

Surprise surprise...'quins back in the fold, let's nail that trapdoor shut.

They'll have the bigger Div 1 teams dancing round like monkeys in a season or two so they can haul up two or three teams from geographical area's they want a presence in (Ie Yorkshire, Brum and Cornwall. Franchises at the ready, screw the little clubs. Very Corinthian!

Surely to God sport has to be a meritocracy. Otherwise what's the point?

Anyway, on a lighter note here's the posh waiter and insecure nazi sketches from That Mitchell and Webb Look :

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