Monday, October 23, 2006

Backing up your trash talk

O'Gara talks trash

It's an old cliche that when an opposition team start mouthing off before a game about how much better they are the manager generally says that the opposition have wrote his team talk for them. This was the case as the English and Celtic teams went head to head in the Heineken Cup at the weekend

"I honestly think that both for Munster and Ireland, we've got more talented players than the English in many positions"

"At the minute I don't know many of the English players on a friendly basis and I'd say a few think they're better than they actually are in reality."

"We no longer suffer from being beaten before we even travel to England or France any more. That's the level we're at in Munster. We expect to win when we go over there,"

Well the best way to respond to that would be for the English teams to spank the Celts last weekend...unfortunately none of them did. Munster bagged a late penalty to complete a clean sweep leaving English rugby licking it's wounds and feeling pretty abject.

liverpool capitulated yesterday in alarming fashion...there is something wrong there. Everton and United will not have easier games this season for their wins over Raffa's title pretenders. Very odd.

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