Monday, May 22, 2006

Wet weekends

It seems that I overslept on Saturday morning and woke up in garden is flooded again, my grass is growing out of control and the rain has forced the local ant nest to move into our house...little buggers.

Congrats to Munster for finally winning the Heineken cup and particular credit goes to Peter Stringer (above) who has put the handicap of not actually having a body behind him to play top level rugby. They did well to come back after a dodgy try was given early on (The Biarritz player clearly put a foot in touch). Biarritz are a great side so after coming so close twice it's a great achievment. Stringer's try was a great piece of oportunism.

On Sunday we braved the weather and the dreaded rail replacement bus to meet friends in town...The playoff game is generally worth watching and where better then in a pub with lots of Guinness?

Bit of a dull old game but it was nice to see the team that finished 3rd go up. The oddly named American Jay DeMerit was still sleeping off his hangover when the BBC were meant to be interviewing him on the breakfast show the next morning. I don't think anyone begrudged him it but it's a bit of a weak showing. Look at Flintoff's example after the Ashes, if a job's worth doing...

After the game we were all set to leave and were just going out the door when suddenly the rain started fizzing down....if ever God was telling us to stay put and drink more then this was it. Due to a mix up I got a rather nasty Southern Comfort and tonic...I really wouldn't recomend it. That was it for the weekend really...very dull without a footy or rugby game to go to and with it raining for 48 hours solid.

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Stumbled across this while undoing yet more kopite mishief on Wikipedia...I wonder if Beats checks out sites like this? Ir must be odd having people devote webpages to you....if anyone want to dedicate one to me though feel free.

Here is a list of National Division 1 fixtures for next season :

Fixtures and Results 2004-2005

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