Tuesday, May 16, 2006

BBC News 24's 'wrong Guy' is revealed

News 24's 'wrong Guy' is revealed

This is fantastic...Watch the interview, look at the poor bloke doing his best to not let the interviewer down. Hope he get's his job.

Dogs have owners, cats have staff members...I was dismayed to find some feline mischief had occured in our garden yesterday...I was taking a tour of the grounds and had just passed the orchard into the hardwood forest we are growing*. Around the bottom of one of the oaks I found the mess of feathers which can only mean that some bugger's cat has been taking some of the game birds. Either that or foxes or sparrowhawks....or we have poachers!

I hate cats and now I have to go rummaging round picking up feathers and looking for woodpigeon corpses in the undergrowth. Grim.

*Whilst technically true that bit is just a bit of an exaguration.

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