Wednesday, May 10, 2006

If at first you don't suceed...

Cry, cry again.

It is unfortunate but I don't see how Spurs can moan.

"Our next issue was team selection. Martin Jol and his staff, having originally selected their squad of 17 players for the match, were then left in the invidious position of choosing between starting the match with their original 17 players, 10 of whom were feeling very unwell, or drafting in Reserve Team players, the majority of whom have not played for the First Team this season or are untried and untested at First Team level. In any case, having ended their season, our Reserve Team players were scattered across various parts of London and the South East, would not have been prepared to play in a Premier League (or any other) match at such short notice and would rarely, if ever, have played together. "

In other words "We didn't have our best team so we shouldn't have had to play". Still I suppose it's a bit of a tradition for the team finishing 5th to complain and try and get the rules changed.

Bit of a grim situation up her at present :

FA Cup final ticket theft

It seems harsh that the Millennium Stadium won't re-issue the tickets but I can sort of see their point about safety issues. If there was barcodes or some other way to instantly identify the stolen tickets at the turnstile you could sort something out but once there 1,600 people in the groud that need ejecting it becomes a nightmare...the question no-one seems to be asking, least of all Rick Parry, is "Did liverpool Football Club really just drop £100,000 worth of tickets in the outgoing mail?". That seems a touch irresponsible...why not get Securicor to take them to the sorting office.

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