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Everton - Statistics

Everton - Statistics

remember how utterly abject we were up until mid October.

goal distribution...look at how many we conceded eary in the 2nd half. I remember at the Charlton game Moyes had the players out for most of the half time break doing light passing and stretching...that was pretty much a turning point.

Beattie 11
Cahill 7
McFadden 7
Osman 5
Arteta 3
Yobo 2
Anichebe 1
Bent 1
Cahill 1
Davies 1
Ferguson 1
Weir 1
(own goals) 1

The goals table looks a bit paltry...I wish Beattie had grabbed a few more in the last month of the season.

Soccerbot annotated table

And that's that for another year.

The game on Sunday was a chance to pay tribute to Brian Labone...we applauded 'til our arms ached. Some fans wanted to ignore the moments silence and applaud through it...I can understand the might have been slightly awkward but it was warm & genuine. That's what mattered.

BBC - Everton 2-2 West Brom

The game on Sunday was pretty meaningless but a win could have took us into the top half which would have been nice. Everton were very disjointed against a busy West wasn't really against the run of play when they took the lead through Gera.

We were very disjointed and they hit us with a sucker punch at the start of the 2nd half. Fans were getting edgy (Simon Davies seems to be the target for the Boo-boys now despite him playing fairly well) but their keeper was playing an absolute blinder and made 5 or 6 good just didn't feel like our day.

In the end they couldn't hold out for ever...Young Victor Anichebe managed to squirm on through Tomasz Kuszczak's legs and then in the last minute Arterta earned us a penalty..looked a soft one but I'd have to see it again properly to know for sure if it was a dive. Despite the club paying a tribute to one of it's legends and farewell to one of our current heroes, plus superb saves and contrversial offsides a-plenty we only got ITV-esque coverage on MotD. If a job's worth doing....

Anyway the ball was given to Big Dunc who didn't look like he wanted to take it but it HAD to be him who took it, he was skipper for the day and it looks like this will be his last game...even then Kuszczak saved it but Dunc was left with a simple tap in...2-2. Fans ran onto the pitch, it was a very happy place. Dunc's status as a talisman has always defied logic but he is The Big Man...there is no arguing.

A lap of appreciation by the players was emotional, it was great to applaud the players, people may boo and moan but they are still our heroes. Duncan trailed behind the main group applauded the fans who stuck by him no matter can say what you like about him but a bond like that between players and fans is something truly special and at the end the players made a guard of honour for him to leave the field to as the fans sang his name.

Elsewhere there was an interesting end to the season Arsenal were having a party to bid adieu to Highbury (one of English football's venerable old stadia) before they move into their sumptuous new Ashburton Grove.

They were hoping Spurs would falter at West Ham in order to capture the last Champions League place. Beforehand it was announced that the West Ham v Tottenham was in doubt 'cause most of the Spurs team were suffering from food poisoning after going to a hotel the night before the game.

Probe into Spurs illness outbreak

Now it sounds a dodgy coincidence that it happens the night before such a crucial game but regardless the show must go on (remember 'boro getting fined and docked points for calling off one of their games when most of their best players had flu).

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