Monday, May 01, 2006

Bank holidays come 6 times a year

and then it’s back to work a.g.a.i.n!

Today was set aside for wedding stuff….it was nice to do something pleasurable because recently the hall we’d booked for our reception has, out of the blue, told us there’s no way they’d be able to accommodate the 140 people we’d invited to their 160 capacity room. In fact they told us this again, and again, and again. I’m not for messing about but we’d booked the room a year ago, apparently they’d mentioned that there was not way the room would take 160 for a silver service meal (which we aren’t having) and apparently it was all over the booking form that the room only take 100 people (no idea but I’d be surprised if we’d completely ignored such explicit warnings) and apparently it was is also on the confirmation documentation they sent us (it definitely isn’t mentioned anywhere on this).

As you can imagine this is putting a big steaming turd in the middle of our wedding preps…

…so today we went to John Lewis’ to point a cool barcode laser device at everything we’ve ever wanted…Bleep : Denby Dinner service. Bleep : Posh duvet cover. Bleep : Stainless Steel carving dish. Found lots of reasonably priced gifts, hardly anything over twenty five pound….we feel cheeky telling people what to get us but it’s nice that people know that they are getting us something we do really want without breaking the bank.

It did take a lot of trudging around though. John Lewis’ in Liverpool is labyrinthine. (Kitchenware? 2 buildings over and down to the basement. Sports? Go up to the 4th floor walk along then down to the 3rd floor, along again and then back up to 4th again). As a reward we flopped into Doctor Duncan’s, a pub owned by Cain’s……what more could you want? Cain’s Lager, new Cain’s Liverpool Lager, Cain’s 2008 & Cain’s Treble Hop all got resounding thumbs up. Cain’s IPA, Cain’s Best Bitter & Cain’s FA are all ace but we didn’t have time. Cain’s Victorian Beer and Cain’s Sundowner all tantalise on the menu but aren’t available at present. Classic rock blared out as we did the Time crossword before a switch to incongruous dance music razed me to a brief Victor Meldrew-esque fury…limp 80s rock and another pint followed and by late afternoon we strolled towards Lime Street to see if a train was due to take us home…we made the train by 2 minutes so things could scarcely have gone better…apart from the train getting stuck behind some broken points : We sat there watching train after train zipping to and fro and squirmed as my bladder go fuller and fuller. Ultimately I got away without wetting myself so at the end of the day all’s well that ends well.

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