Thursday, May 18, 2006

Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal

Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal

I think all the complaining about the ref is a touch graceless. In the end the extra man told. Henry was out of his feet and so couldn't finish the game off when he had the chance...the resulting equaliser had a touch of inevitabilty about it and once that had gone in there was only going to be one winner.

Arsenal should look to their own performance...There is a lot to be proud of. Great start (could have taken the lead in the first 5 minutes), great resiliance after going down to 10 men (utterly unavoidable, the ref's only other option was to let the goal stand AND send Lehman off), great goal by Sol (from a dodgy freekick)...ultimately they ran out of steam.

You can't begrudge Barcelona anything...they are the best team in Europe and as a club they are the best in the world...I think every footy fan has a secret admiration for Barca.

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