Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Bridge too far

Middlesbrough 0-4 Sevilla

England 0 - 4 Spain for at the end of the 1st leg...the 2nd leg is in Paris next Wednesday.

I don't think there's anyone who could complain about that result...When you look back Sevilla were just too good for them. In the previous rounds 'boro had found themselves 4 goals adrift and after they'd scored one the opposition retreated deeper and deeper...inviting the comback. Sevilla were a better team than both Steau and Basle but even then, at 1-0, they were pit firmly on the defensive for 20 minute in the 2nd half. During this period Viduka had one fabulous chance that he met really well on the half-volley but went straight at the keeper, another shot that he should have got on target and a very good shout for a penalty...this was as good as it got...Sevilla, who always looked more like scoring, broke away and got the second goal and from there on in it was one way traffic.

You can feel sorry for the 'boro fans but you'd be a hard-hearted person if you didn't smile at the joy from the Spanish fans...this was their first trophy for 50 odd years and their first ever European one. The Sevilla fans were either dancing for joy or overcome with emotion (one particular guy the camera kept focusing on was in bits).

So that's it...can't see Arsenal managing to establish an aggregate lead in next week's 'second leg'.

The first cricket test starts today...the earliest ever start to the international season. Glorious weather at the moment. Full summer of cricket, Champions League final, play-offs and a world cup to come....who could ask for more?

As well as this their is the obligatory scanning of all news sources for info on close season goings on at Everton and Waterloo!

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