Monday, May 22, 2006


Indian Traffic camera video


Apart from the curious lack of cows this is exactly what it's like all the time getting round in Indian cities.

Started a conflagration over on Sara's blog by sending her a BBC article patronising American soccer fans. Hell hath no fury....

It put me in mind of an article some American journo wrote ages ago when the exact opposite occurred. English fans, and for some reason Everton fans in particular, were used as a comparison to some basketball fans bad behaviour

Blackistone: Fans exceeding limits with distasteful behavior 02/11/01

"And above all, no matter how much you mortgaged to get in to the big game, you don't have the right to pelt the opposition, its fans or the referees with bottles, lighters, coins, batteries, bags of excrement, your great granddad's false uppers, your ex's door keys or the marbles you've apparently lost.
Where do you think you are? At Stanley Park in Liverpool with the Everton soccer team in the house!"

How very odd...not least of all the Stanley Park thing.

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