Friday, May 19, 2006

Big Brother

Big Brother opens its doors and then closes them again.

I detest that show. The desire to go on Big Brother should proclude you from ever making it into the house. I'd love to have those morons gurn and strut their way into the house and prance around then they close the doors just turn the cameras off. Just leave them in there for 3 months with no-one watching their pathetic posturing and 'outrageous' behaviour.

Why do they always go for retarded idiots, slags who fancy themselves, outrageously gay people and bolshy misfit weirdos?

Car crash telly for people who are wasting their lives. Why can't they at least try to make it interesting like Survivor was....ship them off to any island and make them work to survive....Actually make them do something rather than just letting them sit or lie there drinking & smoking and arguing whilst a the nation's underclass waits with baited breath to see if any of them will actually have dignity levels low enough to sleep together. At least have the house gradually filling full of water...or rats...something. Or they should chloroform them & whisk them off to Africa and have them build an orphanage or hospital...I'd watch that. The money from all the texts could go on food & medicine.

Also saw this :

Officers discover sex-slave cult

You can imagine this dozy Canadian girl coming over and finding a grotty pebble-dashed council terrace on Teeside waiting for her instead of the opulent country mansion she'd been envisioning.

"Your slave is here master"

"Aye love, just pop down the shops for some tabs will yer pet"

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