Monday, July 03, 2006

Penalties AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

plus ca change...

another heroic defeat. It appears to be our lot in life. Ultimately you can't moan about England going out of the world cup, they haven't clicked at any stage but why does it always have to be like this?

Beckham going off possibly helped the team as Lennon has always looked superb for England. Hargreaves was doing when Sven always hoped he would. Terry & Ferdinand, Neville & Cole looked comfortable even Lampard was contributing (Gerrard for some reason was completely anonymous, I suspect he had an injury)...The Rooney sending off was harsh...he was getting fouled by two players for a start. Was he sent off for the initial foul? Well it wasn't a stamp but even so the ref was standing there with his arm raised for the Portugal free-kick, it was only after the pimply knave Ronaldo got involved and Wayne 'pushed' him away that the ref went for his pocket.

Check out the pre-match headbutt too at the end too!

Anyway England + Penalties = Plane home.

Sven's gone and Beckham has resigned as England captain. I await the "Priceless" photoshop jokes from our Celtic cousins.

Anyway the world cup is wide open now and, as the cliche goes, it's all about peaking at the right time. Germany squeezed past Argentina on pens and sparked an on-field mass brawl.

If you think about the early games for the respective teams it's amazing to think that Argentina aren't in the competition anymore. They played some of the best attacking football the world cup has ever seen...and yet it's the Germans in the semis. Also peaking at the right time are the French...they beat The Harlem Globetrotters 1-0, the people next to us in the pub stood to win a lot of money if France had scored a second. Italy saw off Ukraine and that's the semis........anyone but Cristiano Ronaldo and I'm happy.

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