Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rooney reveals bust-up with Moyes

Rooney reveals bust-up with Moyes

icLiverpool - Rooney in Moyes rant

Usual bullshit....he's hardly going to say "I was a greedy kid who had his head turned by an even greedier agent and so turned my back on my boyhood club when they needed me most." He had to come up with something like this. Why on earth is a 21 year old putting out an autobiography? Nonsense.

"I suppose he expected to get most of the attention himself following a good season when Everton had ended seventh.

"But when he realised I was getting so much of the limelight I felt he resented it."

"I would have gone almost anywhere just to get away from David Moyes," Rooney said in his autobiography, which is being serialised in the Daily Mail.

"To me, he appeared overbearing; just wanting to control people."

Ah right, over-bearing manager eh Wayne? Well United would be the perfect choice then wouldn't it. Why throw the boot in when Everton and Moyes in particular have been nothing but polite and complimentary about him since he left?

As the entirety of Goodison once said : "Fat little knobhead...you're just a fat little knobhead"

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