Monday, July 31, 2006

Bad pennies

Look who's turned up. Remember this Blackistone on Everton fans. Well, wonder if he's changed his tune now.

"I spoke on the telephone today to a well known local columnist with the a big local paper.

I used to watch Kevin Blackistone when I watched a sports programme called Around The Horn and it was nice to chat with him.

He is a big hitter in the states...similar to the guys who are on Jimmy Hill's Sunday morning TV chat show."

Story from The Dallas Morning News by Kevin Blackistone from 2001 :

"And above all, no matter how much you mortgaged to get in to the big game, you don't have the right to pelt the opposition, its fans or the referees with bottles, lighters, coins, batteries, bags of excrement, your great granddad's false uppers, your ex's door keys or the marbles you've apparently lost.

Where do you think you are? At Stanley Park in Liverpool with the Everton soccer team in the house!"

Anyway I was walking down Bold Street on Saturday when I was asked to sign petition by some Socialist Workers, it was aimed at stopping the Israeli attacks in Lebanon. I said I'd be happy to do it if there was something in it about getting Hezbollah to release the two solider and condemning their rocket attacks..."Nope" I was told "Hezbollah was a resistance organisation" I looked puzzled and said they were as bad as each other so condemning one would be like validating the other. "Nope" I was told, "if someone was coming at you with a gun and you've got a knife then you've just got to stab them haven't you?". I said that was fair enough but Hezbollah have snuck upto the gun owner, stabbed him then hid behind their mums & cried foul..."Nope" I was told, "it's all to do with zionist aggression" (I kid you not they actually said "Zionist aggression"!)...I walked off.

I was 100% behind the anti-Israeli petition but at the end of the day there has to be balance & even handedness. Bombing a civilian target like happened in Qana is an appalling atrocity but it's as bad to fire rockets from a building housing civilians knowing that there'll be a counter strike.

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