Monday, July 10, 2006

Italy World Champions

Ex-Everton player lifts the world cup

Interesting night for Marco Matterazzi...Gave away a penalty, equalised, said something to Zidane that made him descend into madness, get butted in the sternum by said player, score a goal in a penalty shootout, got his hands on the world cup!

We'll never know for sure what Marco said to Zidane but I lip-read it as : "Ha ha ha! You are a failure! I've played for Everton and you never will now. I can die a happy man 'cause I've achieved the ultimate zenith of being part of the People's Club whereas you will now just be left dissappointed and you've gone bald in a really odd way"

Italy are champions of the world for the 4th time. I thought they shaded the first half but France were much the better side in the second. Then they lost Henry to injury and Zidane to a red card (The debate is whether the 4th offical had told the linesman about the headbutt because initially nether the ref or the linesmen seemed to know what had happened). Italy still held back against 10 men but as it turned out there was never any doubt with the penalties...they were all unsaveable.

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