Friday, July 28, 2006

Schadenfreude Utd V Wishy-washy Hippy Town

Cubs Fans, Cubs Haters, Please Take a Look - Front Office Football Central

Me and Sara were having a chat about sporting schadenfreude and basically agreeing that it's very odd to meet a sports fan who does'nt reval in the misfortune of their rivals.

Sara is a Cardinals fans and Diana, my other American Evertonian type pal, is a Cubs fan...just go onto google and search on "Cubs Cardinals Suck".

You know those people who say stuff like "Oh well if Sunderland can't win it then I hope Newcastle do". Surely they are just playing at it. Us Bluenoses will always chuckle when the redshite lose, why not...they love to smirk at our misfortune. Long may it be the case. My point is that sports fans are the same the world over. We went to an AFL game and the guy in front of us was SO sarcastic towards the oposition, in New Zealand we watch rugby with a family of Aucklanders who'd donned Wellington Hurricanes gear in the hope that they'd beat Christchurch. It's just the way of things.

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