Monday, July 24, 2006

hail, hail

Right-oh....hopefully the wedding stuff is in hand. We rounded off a few things but ultimately had a bit of a weekend off. Saying that I did have to get up at 3:30am on Saturday to help with the Lourdes departure (nice to see everyone, but still a bit gutted I'm not going though). Hopefully catch up with them on the webcam at some stage :

Rosary Square

Rosary Basilica


Anyway did some shopping on Saturday :

The Lotus Room

thought this place, was worth a mention. We got a coffee table from them at the weekend. Absolutely gorgeous...great shop if you have a penchant for ethnic furniture.

And on Sunday got down to the business of watching Everton take on Celtic on telly. Not too bad for this stage of the pre-season. Looked bright enough with some key personel missing (Cahill and our entire first choice back four). We lost one nil but it was nice to get a look at them.

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