Sunday, July 09, 2006


Home sweet home....admittedly blogging whilst a bit pissed probably isn't the best policy but it's a world cup blog now so reports need to be entered.
Had a dullish day...Anne is up at the lake distract for her hen do so I am abandoned. My principle mission for thw weekend was to secure our wedding rings from the jewellers. Managed to sort it out with the minimum of hassle, although an unexpected delay did mean I had to hang round in Dr Duncans at 12:15pm drining a pint (far too early in my book) but eventually it got sorted...then I had to get home. It has to be said there is no nervousness quite like that of walking through town with two grand's worth of platinuum on you.

Anyway jobs done for the evening I headed of across town to watch the third place play-off with my friend Mike. Glad Germany went out on a high as they've put on such a good world cup, after that we watched two fat boys cuddle each other into submission for the Commonwealth heavyweight boxing championship of the world or something then I begen my last train oddysey.

It's not so much the journey just the people you have to share your journey with...tonight we had :

  • Scallies getting a severe talking to by the police only to get ushered onto my train and bid good-night.
  • More scallies.
  • Slightly conceited tanorexics who'd be gorgeous but for the for fact that their fake/sunbed tans are giving off gamma radiation.
  • 'outrageous' Austrlian girls who are convinced they are the most interesting thing in the entire hemsiphere.
  • an absolute snake of a women who slagged her partner off for the entirity of the journey (I assume she did because after twenty minutes I had to move seats so I could get out of ear-shot).

and that's about it...slightly bitchy post but I'm tired.

Here's Curveball just so I don't forget.


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