Monday, June 12, 2006

Violence as England game screened

Violence as England game screened

There's always one or two...Sun + Stella. Luckily we ended up in O'Neills which was ace.

No big problems in Germany yet which is always a relief.

Enjoyed the world cup so far but it has to be said that England game has been the least entertaining of all. At one point the ball actually hit the overhanging scoreboard (the shadow of wich evoked memories of the giant spider from 1986) sloppy is that?

One thing is abundantly clear..the sooner the teams wearing Puma kits go out that better...they always seem to be utterly saturated with sweat after about 5 minutes. Ewww!

Argentina, Ivory Coast & The Netherlands have been three of the best teams so far and they are all in the same group.

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Sara said...

At least you're honest about the England match. They should have played much better than they did.

Good luck in the rest of the tournament!