Monday, June 19, 2006

Corea team fighting!

France 1-1 South Korea

The Korea fans are more entertaining than the players...they just keep on singing and dancing. France were all over them but just couldn't finish them off (despite having one goal disallowed when it wasclearly over the line) the end Korea nicked one and thier fans went mental.

Other than that a weird weekend of footy in terms of allegiances. Saturday found us in a the best seats in the house getting served free pizza, pasta hot-dogs and burgers by our favourite land-ladies. The US seemed to be getting the backing of most of the pub although I drew the line at drinking Budweiser & so stuck to Peroni.

I would rather go thirsty than drink Bud but their Brad & Hal soccer presenters have been entertaining us throughout (although nothing will be as good as this)

Italy 1-1 USA

It was a rough old game, the US showed loads more spirit and fight but will have to rely on Italy beating the Czechs AND see off a feisty tenacious Ghana team. It can be done though. Ghana really deserved their win against the Czechs but may well come to rue their striker needlessly drifting offside for a third goal that would have put them ahead of the Czechs on goal difference. Of the Africans Ghana and Ivory Coast have really impressed. It's just a shame they are in such tight groups.

As if a pub full of Brits desperately cheering on the Americans wasn't weird enough Sunday found a pub full of Brits desperately cheering on Australia!

Brazil 2-0 Australia

The cliched hype surrounding Brazil is grating on people's nerves and Australia worked like Trojans. 2-0 was ridiculously flattering to Brazil, especially as the ref seemed to be protecting their flare players thus penalising Australia for getting in amongst them. Another nervy final group match there methinks.

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Sara said...

Wish I could have been there to cheer on the Americans with you. That would have been a story to tell my grandchildren!