Friday, June 16, 2006

mmm Beer

Beer, life’s most precious commodity...and yet that’s what I’ve wagered on the, at present purely hypothetical, outcome of an England Argentina game. Today the Argentines sent a message to the rest of the tournament. The Serbs had on of the most highly rated defences going into the tournament and yet Argentina took them to the cleaners. Yes Vidic was a big loss for them and yes they were down to ten men for the least third of the game but make no mistake : Argentina were imperious, sublime, irresistible. But England will beat them...cometh the hour cometh the man. At the moment I wouldn’t back us against Costa Rica but being on the Argentineans and somehow you just think “Why not?” (and maddeningly you know the players will have that attitude too) the eternal paradox of being an England fan. Anyway all this foolish bravado means that if we match up with the Argentines and for some weird reason (like them looking truly, truly awesome at the moment) they manage to beat us then I owe Sara DeWitt a pint.

The stakes don’t get any higher than that...Come on England.

Group C is proving to be every bit as good as it looked. After the 6-0 masterclass from a team who look like winning the thing (providing they avoid England that is) came Ivory Coast V The Netherlands…another brilliant match up. The first 45 minutes sounded outstanding, I was driving home from work. Today’s roads were eerily quiet compared to yesterday’s England inspired gridlock.

It’s a shame only two teams can go through from that group. The second half which I watched down The Vic’ in Woolton were, as sod’s law dictates, fairly tight & edgy. Anyway The upshot is that The Dutch and the Argentines go through. I am disappointed for the Africans ‘cause they look class and would have stood a really good chance of progressing if it wasn’t for such a wretched draw.

Later on I watched Mexico V Angola. I was torn between wanting the underdogs do well and an affection for Mexico which is such a great country. I wonder if they’ve got screens in the Zocalos….that’d be a great place to take in the game. Possibly not tonight though, Mexico squandered the best chances and it finished 0-0 so the last round of games in the group will be quite cagey.

That’s about it….I went to JJB and whilst there checked out the world cup kits rack…my theory about the Puma kits being made out of bin-bags was not too far off the mark.


Sara said...

Beer always tastes better when it's paid for by someone else. Can't wait to down that cold one you're gonna owe me!

Stuey said...

Cometh the hour, cometh the Englishman. Get the bar! :);):P