Friday, June 23, 2006

Poll set for early World Cup exit

Poll set for early World Cup exit

Giving one player a second yellow but not sending him off was the icing on the cake as Graham Poll had basically got everything wrong (missing two blatant penalties). As far as us bluenoses are concerned this controversy is just karma for when the buffoon chalked off our freak injury time winner in the derby a while back (then just smugly lied about it later).

The winner that never was

The Aussies did really well...chuffed for them. They rallied round brilliantly after conceding early. Not sure why that keeper replaced Mark Schwartzer, his spill for Croatia's second was well dodgy. Aparently after the game Tim Cahill ran over and swapped his shirt with a bluenose in the crowd.

Croatia 2 - 2 Australia

Earlier on the Yanks came up short against Ghana...terrible descision for Ghana's penalty but for me they didn't do enough on the second half. Ridiculously tough group that though. I imagine Italy would prefer not to be player the Aussies in the next game.

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