Thursday, June 29, 2006

icLiverpool - Australian Melrose is new Waterloo coach

icLiverpool - Australian Melrose is new Waterloo coach

This is good news...was worried about the lack of new coming out of St Anthony's.

Looking forward to the new season now.

The less said about the cricket the better...England just can't seem to click (where have I heard that before?). Hope we can get it together for the Pakistan tour.

Aparently Sleater-Kinney have decided to take an indefinite hiatus...Sad but it's better to go out on a high. I've seen bands end up fading away producing albums that lack all the spark & verve & genius of their previous work. The breathless Monday morning dash to the record shop turning into a grudging stomp 'cause deep down you know you are buying it more in hope than expectation. The concerts where the new material's fine but all the highlights are the older songs and the crowd know it...and deep down you can sense they know it. SK never did things by halfs...there's not too many bands you can say that about.

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