Monday, June 12, 2006

Australia 3-1 Japan

Australia 3-1 Japan

Currently Everton have the joint top scorer in the competition. Timmy Cahill came off the bench to spark an Aussie revival and grab a brace in the process. Chuffed for him. Top stuff.

Also dashed home to watch the US take on the Czechs....tough, tough group and, being honest, it looked like men and boys which is dissappointing 'cause we'd heard good things about the septics.

There is three ultra tough groups in this world cup. C, E & F all have at least three strong teams in them but as England proved in Japan (England, Sweden, Nigeria & Argentina) it can be done.

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Sara said...

I really thought the US would put up a fight, although I didn't expect them to win. It was a thoroughly disappointing match and normally, we play much better.