Thursday, June 08, 2006

Martyn announces retirement

Big Nige has been forced to call it a day...desperately sorry to say him go. He's been a great keeper for us and he seems a really nice fellow too.

"I had to get on the phone to the manager after making the decision between myself, Baz the physio, John the consultant and my wife. It was a decision based on being able to live a normal sort of life afterwards - that was the primary concern because it is a nasty bone to have a problem in."

"I have loved every minute of my time at Everton. I have a lot to be thankful to Everton for because I was languishing at Leeds at the time. I was out of favour at Elland Road because I would not go on a tour and so I will always be thankful to the manager for putting his faith in me and giving me another chance.

To be able to play two and a half seasons was a big thing for me because it meant I could finish my career properly."

Hopefully he'll pop back to Goodison to get the ovation he deserves.

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