Friday, January 30, 2009

What's your favourite soap opera?

For me it's got to be Newcastle United.

In this week's exciting episode Charles N'Zogbia has put in a transfer request, Kinnear apparently referred to his as Insomnia several times in a post match interview and now N'Zogbia is on strike.

Oh and then Kinnear then went on to state how the chairman, Mike Ashley, is just about paying the wages after losing £2 billion in the credit crunch.

*Eastenders cliffhanger drumbeat*

In other news I notice Tony Mowbray has spoken out about something we've felt for a while...that top referees are too pally with top players. It's shockingly obvious sometimes. This week Mark Clattenberg was profiled in the papers and we were reminded of one of the most appalling reffing displays I've ever seen. He was like the ref in Escape to Vistory. Seriously I've never been so convinced of a referee's corruption than on that day (Given that Marc had been on holiday with the Liverpool squad just a month or so before only adds fuel to the fire). Kuyt's flying two-footer, Carragher screaming in his face, Gerrard basically instructing him to send Hibbert off (was that that game or another one?) and one of the most blatant penalties I've ever seen as Carragher rugby tackled Lescott.

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Robin Brown said...

Is that the game when he shook Gerrard by the hand as he was subbed. Cracked me up.