Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hoping the underdog loses

Isn't it grim the way the current system of distributing UEFA cup places forces you to sit there and lament Derby County taking a one goal lead into the second leg of their Carling Cup Semi-final against Man Utd?

Under ordinary circumstances it'd be great to see the underdog doing well but all I could think was "Damn, that'll make it more difficult for Everton". Selfish I know but that's football.

Last year was a prime example...absolutely brilliant year for cup football and basically it meant that Everton & Villa went into the final day of the season 5th and 6th with neither team assured of a European place. I know that's the way the cookie crumbles but it does take the fun out of the cup when all you can think of is how it's harming your own team.

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