Thursday, January 29, 2009



There is NOTHING more galling than conceding in injury time. Hate it. Sometimes when you it happens you can see it coming but last night it was totally against the run of play. Everton, for me, played Arsenal off the park in the second half last night. They didn't get a sniff but when you've got someone like van Persie you only need half a chance and you are punished.

It was a kick in the knackers but I am pretty philosophical. That's the result the pundit where predicting, but ultimately we are gutted with it, a definite sign of how far we've come with this team and Davie Moyes as manager. COYB! COYB! COYB!

Anyway the goal was finished off with another bit of ariel magic from Tim Cahill but for the 5 minutes leading up to it we'd passed the ball round all over the park and they couldn't get near us. They were still reorganising when we took the throw-in and caught them napping.

All this sounds pretty negative on Arsenal but I am just seeking to underline how classy Everton looked last night.

Tim Cahill

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Albert said...

I'm an Everton supporter from Barcelona (I support FCBarcelona too) and I like your blog.

Is Everton going to move to Kirkby?