Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Everton can win the league" Wenger

Interesting stuff today in the papers that Arsene Wenger thinks Everton can win the league this season....well that's not really what he dais, he actually said that anyone out the top 6 could win it 'cause the league's so tight (slight difference).

It's an interesting thought though but I think that unless we get a sugar daddy the likes of Everton will really struggle to establish themselves in the CL places. Villa have a good chance because of Randy Lerner but with Everton's current financial clout we are never going to hold off the challenge from the former G14 teams.

It's odd that it's Wenger saying that because for me his first league champion side were the last of the old fashioned league winners. When you think of the way teams of the past that came through organically reached their zenith and then declined naturally it doesn't seem to happen nowadays because these top clubs have the financial might to buy their way through their transition periods. Wenger is a manager who likes to build his team slowly rather than using his club's money to make great leaps forward.

The Forest side who retained the European Cup, Then the Villa side after them, Everton's mid 80s team, The flash in the pan Leeds team and then Wenger's original side (Which I think would have wiped the floor with his invincibles). liverpool are a notable exception to this in that they managed to keep the success going by moving a players in each season but keeping the continuity. the Fergie Fledglings represent the tipping point because at the time their team broke though the money flooded in so Ferguson could bolster and augment the side seemlessly and keep the momentum.

Now we have this Everton team, trophyless so far but the only team to have been able to break the top 4 stranglehold. I think the way this team has been built over time without hardly any big name aquisitions, just young potential eager to establish itself is reminiscent of those old style teams, the fact that it's basically impossible for them to win the league is such a shame.

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