Thursday, January 08, 2009

Everton should not be being dragged into spotlight over Steven Gerrard

Brilliant article about Mark O'Brien about the Gerrard situation. Papers like The Independant wcould barely contain themselves and were blaming Evertonians even before Stevie has been charged. Anyway over to Mark O'Brien :

Everton should not be being dragged into spotlight over Steven Gerrard

CAN we just clear something up at the start? Were any Everton staff, players or supporters involved in the incident at the Southport bar that resulted in the Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrard, being arrested and subsequently charged?

Because in the aftermath of the fracas that resulted in a lad going to hospital, the focus somehow seems to have inexplicably shifted towards Evertonians.

Now we don’t know whether Gerrard is guilty or not, and quite frankly it’s nothing to do with anyone at Everton.

In fact it’s not a football matter at all, it’s one that will be dealt with by the police and magistrates, but it’s understandable that Reds take an interest as it’s one of their players involved.

Still though, it’s not clear why that certain sections of the media seem more interested in talking about the behaviour of Evertonians.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, one newspaper for some reason saw fit to reproduce the sections of Jamie Carragher’s book where he complained about the unsavoury chants during derbies.

How is that at all relevant here?

It did quieten down a bit when it became apparent that whatever did or didn’t happen probably had more to do with Genesis than Goodison, but as soon as the FA Cup fourth round draw was made, and it became clear that Gerrard’s court appearance is scheduled to be sandwiched between two Anfield derbies, the same sort of comments began to appear again, regarding the ‘gauntlets of abuse’ that he will apparently have to run.

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