Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jonathon Ross is back, Apollo comedy is gone...hmm

So Jonathon Ross is back, well I suppose it's good that the Daily Mail and their hoard of zombies didn't win and force the BBC's hand but if I'm honest I'm guttedhe's back.

I just don't get him. I was, in truth, enjoying Live at the Apollo much, much more.

The thing that's always annoys me about Ross is that it always has to be about him. It doesn't matter who he's interviewing he just talks over tham about himself.

Guest "....and so Nelson Mandela picks up my nobel prize off the floor and hands it to Muhammad Ali and says..."

Ross "..well you know I used to be a bit of a boxer myself y;know...oh yes blah blah blah"

He's a likable guy and that's why he gets away with it but please, be happy letting someone else have the limlight.

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