Thursday, January 22, 2009

tweet tweet

This is pretty interesting, we are lucky to have a nice garden that is occasionally full of our fine feathered friends, sometimes however we are plagued by magpies who go round butchering everything they can find.

We have a fairly magpire proof bird-feeder and always shoo them off whenever we can but really sometimes we are under seige with them. Very annoying.

Have a garden full of birdsong is so nice so we do everything possible to get wrens and blackbirds in there but we aren't fussy, as long as they aren't squawking & cackling constantly & killing anything that moves they are welcome.

On this note The RSPB are launching a little campaign to get people to report what they are seeing in the their gardens :

The Guardian are giving to some pretty good coverage.

and the RSPB's official birdwatch site

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