Friday, May 02, 2008

Euro final musings

I'm sure a cleverer person than me could make something out of the UEFA cup semi final results. Two teams representing the high & low water marks in Everton's recent fortunes ("Bayern Munich" will only ever mean one thing to us blues and Rangers with Walter Smith plus Davie Weir at the helm will provoke mixed memories of a manager with immense dignity struggling with no resources and a poor, poor team) plus two teams that were both beaten at Goodison this year.

It would have been a convenient peg to hang our hats on if Fiorentina and Zenit had got to the final but Zenit V Rangers whould be interesting nontheless.

As for gloating, no triumphalism. Just relief. I commiserated immediately with my friends and family safe in the knowledge that our lovable neighbours more smug, arrogant element will have nothing to rub our noses in for coming weeks. The rednoses I've spoken to can't say it for fear of accusations of sour grapes but that looks like a good final to miss. Moscow will be a pain in the backside from start to finish. Should be a tremendous final though.

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